Four Factors That Persuade College Students to Join Greek Life

If you’re thinking about joining a fraternity or sorority, there are lots of reasons to give it serious consideration.

Here are four factors that can help you decide if joining a Greek society is right for you.

Lifelong Friendships

The first, and arguably most important factor that persuades college students to join a Greek-Letter organization are the friendships that are established with members. A strong sense of community is an obvious asset when joining any social club or business. At its core, fraternities and sororities can be seen as giant friend groups who are there to support each other.

These friendships flourish beyond college. Many Greek life members keep the friendships that they built through their organizations even after they graduate. Many of the friendships that are built here are kept for life.

School spirit

If you have an immense amount of school spirit and pride, a Greek organization may be the right place for you. Some of the more active students on campus often come from Fraternities and Sororities.

These organizations promote community growth and actively push their members to join clubs and other groups outside of the Greek circle. Greek life can be a good way for students at these schools to become more involved on campus, which makes joining worthwhile.

Leadership opportunities

Being a part of a sorority or fraternity is more than just parties and meetings. As a student, you’ll have ample opportunities to become more involved on campus, develop leadership skills and meet new people. These experiences will prove invaluable in your future career endeavors.

A 2013 study from Indiana University found that students who joined fraternities or sororities had higher GPAs and graduation rates compared with their non-Greek peers. In addition, students who participated in Greek life were also more likely to participate in other extra-curricular activities.

Networking with other students and alumni

Alumni Connections make it easier to find jobs once you graduate. Most alumni are happy to connect with college students and have meaningful career advice, which can make all of the difference when you’re just starting out.

Sororities and Fraternities usually have giant alumni networks that are willing to assist graduating students with finding jobs outside of college. Many sororities and fraternities even host events that are geared toward pairing new members with alumni, forming a sort of mentee/mentor relationship. These events make it easy to network with those who share your values, interests, and ambitions. 

The Bottom Line

Greek life can have a major positive impact on your life during college and after you graduate. Consider joining a Greek chapter at your school.