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If you said yes to any of those questions, then this may be the program for you!

This program is designed for college students, who are looking to either own their own business or individuals looking to sell businesses they already have.

College is a period for discovering your passions and interests. Some have a clear direction from the start, while others remain open to new ideas and opportunities that unfold along the way. This is precisely why we’ve developed this exceptional program. In an era where possibilities are limitless, we aim to provide a platform for exploration and growth.

Young individuals have the potential to venture into entrepreneurship at any stage. We aim to support those aspiring to enter this domain, whether they are seeking guidance on initiation or exploring the sale of their current business to embark on a new and entirely distinct endeavor.

We understand that launching a business can be challenging, and selling one can be equally daunting. Fratty Bear’s Opportunities Program is designed to assist with both aspects. At Fratty Bear, we showcase the concepts and businesses of individuals seeking to sell and/or give their entire venture. Some of these businesses come complete with tangible products, a website, and established social media accounts. We extend a warm welcome to individuals interested in acquiring these businesses, providing them with the opportunity to initiate a 2.0 version and infuse their unique touch to the acquired business.

Explore the exciting opportunities waiting for you.
One of these could soon be yours!

Welcome to Mariner West – where the timeless elegance of New England prep meets the laid-back vibes of Southern California. Our brand is a symbol of comfortable, coastal-style clothing, perfectly tailored for college students who appreciate a blend of classic and contemporary fashion.

Are you a college student with a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship? Mariner West is offering a rare chance to not just join a brand, but to lead it. This is your opportunity to steer a lifestyle clothing brand, infuse it with your creativity, and make it resonate with campuses nationwide.

Join us, and turn Mariner West into a symbol of your campus culture. You’ll gain invaluable real-world business experience, nurture your leadership skills, and be at the forefront of evolving a brand that’s as dynamic as your college journey.

Dive into the world of fashion business, unleash your potential, and leave a lasting impact on your community! 

I’m looking for an ambitious team of college student to take over the lifestyle clothing brand Mariner West. We have existing inventory and I’m willing to mentor some young entrepreneurs to make it their own business.

– J.  

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