The Best Five Step Strategy for Creating a Lasting First Impression During Your Greek Organization’s Rush

Recruitment is one of the most exciting times of the year for fraternities and sororities.

Here is our strategy to help your Greek organization stand out in the chaos of rush.

  1. Make a Good First Impression 

The first event that a PNM (potential new member) goes to is the most important. This first impression will decide whether they want to return to your house or not. 

On an individual level here is how to make a fantastic first impression:

  • Be kind and pleasant. 
  • Ask questions, and be interested in the experiences that they share with you.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Make an effort to remember the names of everyone you meet.

These four steps can help a PNM feel more welcome to your house and even more willing to join it.

When it comes to Greek recruiting, you’re likely to meet a lot of individuals. Make sure to keep an ongoing list of everyone that passes through your house in order to make it easier to decide who you’d like to let join. The more people you’re able to attract throughout the process the larger pool of individuals you’ll have to pick from to extend a bid to.

  1. Take into account the Time Commitment

Fraternity or sorority rush might span many weeks, depending on the organization. While it may be a lot of fun, it can also have a detrimental effect on your mental health and make it more difficult to stay up with academics and other  extracurricular activities you may be involved in. The rush process takes up a significant amount of time – make sure to check in with one another throughout the process to see how each person is doing. 

One of the main goals is to have PNMs return to your events. Make sure the events only last around two hours so as to not be too long or too short. When PNMs miss too many fraternity or sorority functions, it may jeopardize their chances of earning a bid from that organization. Ultimately Greek organizations  seek individuals who will stay active for four years and often screen out those who are too busy to engage in Greek life.

Be organized in your college life and be realistic when creating a class schedule. Doing so will enable you to get your academic work completed, while still having time to engage in your  fraternity or sorority.

  1. Boost Your Reputation

How your fraternity is seen by others can have a huge impact on how many people rush. You should aim to establish a solid reputation on your college campus.

If your fraternity has a great alumni network emphasize that. If your reputation is based on community volunteering through service initiatives, or for throwing spectacular parties, it is likely to attract new members who are eager to join your organization.

If you lack a strong reputation or dislike the one you do have, determine as a group what kind of image you want to present and then behave accordingly. As you build or improve your reputation, you increase your chances of recruiting the sort of student you want as a member of the fraternity.

  1. Plan Events That Will Get Your Attention

Rush week is a whirlwind of entertaining events on many college campuses. These events might vary from enjoyable bonfires, to formal dinners, and instructive talks – these events change depending on the mission of your fraternity. Make a concerted effort to invite others to these events.

Some small acts of kindness may help your organization stand out from the rest. For instance, you may send groups of brothers out to assist incoming students with their dorm transitions or to serve as escorts for lost freshmen. These small gestures can make a lasting impact on an incoming freshman.

  1. Make It Easy to Distinguish PNMs from Members of your Greek Organization

When potential new members come to your Greek Organization, it can be difficult to distinguish who members are from everyone else. We recommend t-shirts to distinguish members from PNMs. This not only helps PNMs know who to talk to, it also allows them to notify a member of an emergency if one arises.

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