You’ll Never Believe How This CSUN Fraternity Raised Twice The Amount of Money for Their Philanthropy.

The Lambda Chi Alpha brotherhood at CSUN hosts a fundraiser to raise money for Inner City Arts, a philanthropic organization based in Los Angeles. They provide underprivileged students with the tools and skills they need to succeed academically and personally. 

This year they partnered with Fratty Bear selling 321 items which made them a whopping $4000. After all expenses they were able to donate $1080 to Inner City Arts. This is how they did it.

They created a temporary ecommerce store where participants were able to purchase items and have them delivered directly to their homes, check out an example of this website here.

Follow these four steps to achieve the same success.

  1. Determine your philanthropy event theme

When it comes to philanthropy event themes, the simpler the better. The goal is to make your event fun, inclusive, and easy to attend. These events usually happen on the weekends, and it’s best to make them inviting and exciting to your attendees. Here are some popular ideas:

  • Bean bag toss tournament
  • Dance Marathon
  • A sports tournament
  • Outdoor movie marathon
  • The ideas are endless, pick the one you like and run with it.
  1. Set a budget

Before placing an order, confirm the budget your chapter has for philanthropy shirts and other items. Our team can help you find the best designs and products within your budget. All philanthropy orders placed with us through a Greek organization get a Free eCommerce site built by us, free social media promotional materials, and free stickers for your house. 

  1. Pick a perfect design 

Fratty bear has a huge, diverse portfolio of designs that can be used for any philanthropy event that you can think of. All designs will be customized to your Greek organization. Check them out, and pick the design that best suits your event and your chapter!

  1. Reach out to us and partner with us

When you have finished picking out your favorite design, reach out to us through our Contact Page in order to set up your philanthropy e-commerce site. We’re here to help and make your philanthropy event a success.